Helpful Hints for Cleaning your hair piece

Cleaning a hair piece. 

Step 1: Turn over the hairnet cap to make sure it is not knotted then
comb it. 
Step 2 and 3: Put Shampoo into clear water and stir. 

Step 4: Soak the hair piece into the water for about 10 minutes,
never rub to avoid loosing the hair and causing loss. 
Step 5: Use fingers to comb the wig to reduces loss.
Step 6 through 8: Lift the wig from the water, pull out excess moisture,
and place it flatly on a towel.

Step 9: Then fold or place a towel over top of the hair
piece and pat dry to get as much moisture as you can.
Then place it on a holder to dry naturally. Keep out of the sun.